September 20, 2019

Eradicating poverty around the globe

The fight against poverty around the world has been going on for years now. Most of the developing countries comprise of poverty-stricken individuals struggling to make ends meet. We can make a great difference in reducing poverty rates if we implement specific strategies.

The government should train farmers and teach them about the sustainable agricultural techniques that they should use to boost production. Teaching farmers the methods that can sustain agriculture can increase the quality of life and lead to better yields. We need to teach farmers on the efficient practices that they should use on their farms and educate them on irrigation systems.

Gender inequality is a factor that contributes to high rates of poverty in some regions. Allowing more women to participate in making laws and accepting them as equal members of society can help us reduce poverty. Since women make up a big part of the population, teaching them their rights, and advocating for gender equality can help eliminate poverty in some regions. They should be involved in decision making and be treated equally. Educating women about their rights can also boost their self-confidence and make them feel valued in society.

Access to clean water can also help eradicate poverty. In some areas, people don’t have access to clean and safe water. This not only leads to dehydration but also causes the spread of waterborne diseases due to using contaminated water. We should invest in clean wells and construct more water resources to reduce such predicaments and boost the availability of water for everyone to use.  This can also promote the safety of citizens so that they can focus on other things, such as improving the country’s economy and spend less time looking for water or domestic use.

Reinstating good healthcare can also reduce the high levels of poverty in most regions. When fewer people are sick, they can engage in community events and build the nation through working. Constructing more hospitals and educating the country on the importance of health can help us achieve a healthier society. The government should also be keen on training medical professionals and improving hygiene levels. As a nation, we should work hard to reduce pollution in our environment so that we can eradicate diseases.

Prioritizing education can also help us reduce high poverty levels. Educating the citizens of a country can lift them out of poverty. Our education systems should not only focus on basic subjects such as sciences and mathematics but also gender equality and proper hygiene. We should help children develop skills that can make them more constructive in building the nation. Encouraging school attendance and teacher certification can lead to a more conscious society. This, in turn, results in equipped citizens and more job opportunities.

Solving poverty does not start with the government but the individuals of a country. Everyone should be involved in making their state a better place to live. The available financial crisis blogs can help you learn more about how we can eradicate poverty around the globe.